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DooD!!!! We are bored!!!!

Sheez! How can we run a psychiatric home without patients??? Do we have to repeat this over and over again? We're bored!

Do something!!! Tell us your f*peep*cking stories, problems and questions in this f*peep*cking community!!! It's so simple, just make a new post, write your shit, select this community below the page and add this f*peep*cking thing!!! Or do we have to spell? And well we'll be damned.. we have sooo less members.. we burst into tears of disappointment! Promote this f*peep*cking community!!

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purty piccies ^__^

Yeah well...

dear dr.ger & dr.bill, i have a really, really big problem, because i am too emotional and now everybody tells me that i have no emotions at all. it doesn't matter how hard i try to convince other people that i care more about them than about myself... and when i tell this, people say i'm to sentimental and/or melodramatic!i also like to dance a lot and then i'd like to show some expression you know, a little bit of acting is cool (i like ballerina dancers morethan those rythm dancers). PLEASE dr.ger & dr.bill i am confused by this, can you help me?


Please copy this and make a new post on this community. Just click on the pencil icon.