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First subject: traumatize

Yeah.. trauma's because of scary things and happenings. Even we, the mighty brave gerbs, are traumatized some times.

This is our top 10 of trauma's:

1. Cats, sitting and peering behind the window.

2. Standard fat American kids, they make us sick!

3. Mutated butterflies..

4. Our sleeping friend, Christiaan..


6. The fantastic chicken-catcher with the great teeth...

7. What the hell..

8. That's why we don't like children..

9. Sick games...

10. And ofcourse, the death of our hero.. dr.koek. :'(

Oh men.. oh men.. such a pain in the arse..

But.. there are many solutions.. just imagine or fantasize the opposite of the cause of the trauma.

How to solve our trauma's...

1. A big ugly bulldog..
2. Poison their food!
3. Human spiders
4. Give him some coffee.. or a metamorphose.
5. Plastic surgery..
6. False teeth..
7. Kill the man..
8. Wigs
9. Kill the maker..
10. .... :'(

So tell us your biggest trauma's and we will help you!

ps. Join this * peep * community and promote this thing RIGHT NOW! We want more membah's!
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