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Better than dr.Phil....

just join us, you idiots!!

dr.Ger and dr.Bil
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We are dr.Ger and dr.Bil.. the Siamese brothers ( no not the Siamese twin, you idiot )

We try to become as brilliant, magnificent, beautiful, smart and perfect as our great example, the leader and predecessor dr.Koek. And if you are dubious about this, get the #@%@#% out of here or get your lazy brains together!

You like nostalgia?

Drkoek was the best

Oh those good days...

Fans, dr.Koek-wannabee's, retarDs ( yeah, we're ubahgothic, otherwise we're not cool enough for the scene ) psycho's, schizo's can ask for our brilliant help and advice... We will solve all your shit and sick problems. Just join us!

Members have to promote our wonderful site ofcourse or feel our mighty rage! Furthermore they must introduce themselves at the introduce topic. MMmmkay?

Be cool, be smart.. and just join this community!

acting arrogant, hanger-ons, helping the retarded, hiding the insecurity, insulting, modesty, our beauty, our intelligence, our personalities, ourselves, psycho's, schizo's, sense of inferiority, ubahgoths, uglygoths, wannabee's