Dvion (dvion) wrote in drger_and_drbil,

Dr. Ger and Dr. Bil, help!

Here is a real one---I am a middle easterner living in america....i miss my homeland, and left there when i was four yrs old, i want to visit, but, if i do, i will be forced to fullfill a mandtory draft in the military for two yrs. I cant read or write in persian, i can only speak it, so getting stuck there will suck. On the other hand, sinc ei left there 26 yrs ago, both my gradfathers have died....i dont want to miss seeing my grandmothers before they pass. And finally, on the final hand, america and isreal are talking about attacking iran(my homeland). What should i do?

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Can they force you yo fullfill military draft even if you are an american citizen? Or are you still also an iranian citizen? I don't know how it works over there.. it's a very difficult situation :-/ hmm I don't know anything about those talks of attacking Iran :S for what reason are they planning to attack??
they are gonna attack cause iran is making nuclear stuff, like for power, but also possibly for nuclear weapons...i am an american citezn, but iran doesnt recognize it, yes, they can make me fullfill the draft.
hmm.. America is so afraid of everybody with plans for nuclear power.. if they didn't bother other contries as much as they do, they would have less enemies and less to worry about.
I guess your best chance is to join the american army and join the attack.. but I guess that's no option to you.. if you want to see your grandmothers you can fly them over to the US.
well dont kid yourself, iran, iraq, korea, and a few other coutries SHOULD NOT be allowed to develop nuclear weapons. I come form the middle east, and trust me, you dont want those particular religous leaders capable of killing entire cities at a time, becuase i assure you they will. my options are not plausable. just wanted to take part in this community
a few other coutries -> does that include America? Religion and politics should never mix...
america is fine with them, c'mon now....if it werent for america, the soviet union would still be there next to you, with a butt load of nuclear weapons. DOnt like bush if you dont like his policies, but america will never drop a nuke unless they are nuked first....and even then, they might not. America follows the Geneva conventions...not many other countries do. I dont know what you guys hear over there in your area...but America is not a bad country, politically, or by population

Can't you try to let your family fly over to America??
no, leaving iran is very difficult
besides, i have over 100 family members there...keep in mind, my family name goes back to the old persian empire....i couldnt even afford to fly 1/10th of them here

Hm I understand..
So it isn't possible to visit your homeland as a tourist??
no, i am a citizen of there, so i cant be a tourist
I don't agree with you about America.. but compared to Iran, yes, it is better, but there is a lot of bad stuff going on in America aswell. And they hide a lot, I don't think those things going on at Guantamo Bay for instance follow the Geneva conventions.
um,..i dont recall the geneva conventions saying you cant humiliate prisoners....just cant torture them. Eh, you will believe what you want to believe....this country is run by the poeple, and the poeple here represent every country in the world. If bush did something, or the military did something we didnt want done, we would stop it...
a lot of Americans are ashamed that Bush is president again. And how do you know what they are doing? You don't get all the information. Humiliating prisoners is torturing them mentally, it can leave deep scars and may be even worse than physical torture.
k, back to my problem...